The Twisted Tornado Crimp® is extremely easy to use. You don’t need a special crimping tool. All you need is your tapered end (chain nose) pliers. Cut the tip of your stringing wire at an angle. Then thread the stringing wire (up to size .019 wire) through the crimp and loop it back through. The crimp is designed to fit your beading wire snuggly for optimal hold. When utilizing .024 size wire, use our .024 Twisted Tornado Crimp®.  It is uniquely designed for .024 wire only. 

Make sure that the stringing wire is seated side by side within the crimp and then press down firmly on the crimp. Turn the crimp over then press firmly again and watch it change before your eyes into a beautiful accenting piece to your jewelry designs. The twist throughout the Twisted Tornado Crimp® allows it to secure strongly to your stringing wire.  

Say “goodbye” to those ordinary flat crimps. Once you use the Twisted Tornado Crimp® , you may never look at a flat crimp again!

The Twisted Tornado Crimp® is available in sterling silver, gold-filled, Bella Flamed Copper, and .14KT solid gold*.

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The Twisted Tornado Crimp® is a registered trademark of Via Murano®.

Twisted Tornado Crimp®

Believe us, we speak from experience…this crimp is awesome!

To order the Twisted Tornado Crimps®, please visit our online store at  here or call 877-VIAMURANO, or send an e-mail to pam@viamurano.com

All the best, 

Pam and Ira Israel

* .024 size only